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“The Braman Legacy Cabernet is a smokey, woody wine with tart undertones that finishes with a hint of vanilla.¬† It would pair perfectly with a red meat entree, but I wanted to pair it with a dessert that maximized its floral undertones and emphasizes its full bodied richness. Chocolate is the natural choice to bridge all of these bold flavors. Add strong vanilla, dark blackberries, and vibrant apricot for a well-rounded dish.” – Chef Joseph Baker

Braman Legacy Cabernet

Braman Legacy Cabernet

Chocolate Mousse:

3 ounces 70% chocolate

3 ounces heavy cream

3 ounces heavy cream, whipped

Tempered or glazing chocolate, as needed

Heat 3 ounces of cream to a scald.  Pour over chocolate and mix until a ganache forms.  Let cool to 80F then fold in the whipped cream to make a mousse.  Pour into a circular form and refrigerate until set.  Once completely cold, pour a thin layer of tempered chocolate over the top and allow to set completely.


Vanilla Pavlova:

2 large egg whites

1/2 cup sugar

teaspoon champagne vinegar (any vinegar is fine)

1/2 teaspoon cornstarch

2 vanilla beans, scraped

Start whipping the egg whites at high speed in a stand mixer. Separately combine the sugar, cornstarch, and vanilla seeds and mix together well.  Add the vinegar to the whipping whites and stream in the sugar mixture.  Whip on high speed until very thick and very shiny.  About 5 minutes.  Pipe into desired shape and bake at 225F until just barely set, about 30 minutes.  Alternatively, this can be piped onto the plate and torched.


Cabonated Blackberries:

6 blackberries, halved the long way

iSi charger

2 CO2 charges

Place the blackberries into the canister.  Seal completely and charge with each CO2 to carbonate the fruit.  Reserve cold.


Apricot Sauce:

1 cup apricot puree

1/4 light corn syrup

1/4 cup water

teaspoon vanilla extract

Blend everything together until smooth.  Strain into new container and reserve cold.


Chocolate Mousse with Vanilla Pavlova, Cabonated Blackberries, and Apricot Sauce

Chocolate Mousse with Vanilla Pavlova, Cabonated Blackberries, and Apricot Sauce

To assemble, in a wide bowl or high rimmed plate:

Pipe pavlova onto plate in desired location

Torch pavlova

Spoon apricot sauce into bottom

Place mousse disc as desired

Place blackberries around dish

Garnish with gentle herbs


Chef Joseph Baker

Chef Joseph Baker

Pastry Chef Joseph Baker has lived all over North America, but claims Roundup, Montana as his hometown.¬† It was forty-five minutes to the nearest McDonald’s, so most meals were prepared at home.¬† In his parents’ small town kitchen, Baker developed an appreciation for “simple food, done well.”

When Operation Iraqi Freedom began, Baker left Montana to join the military.¬† After four years of service, he landed in Washington, DC and decided to¬†revisit his love for cooking.¬† The discipline and precision he cultivated as a solider in the U.S. Army lent itself well to a career in pastry, so he enrolled¬†at¬†L’Academie de Cuisine¬†to learn¬†classical French preparations using whole, natural ingredients.

Over the past five years, Baker has worked in a number of prestigious hotel restaurants, including Cityzen in Washington, DC; Las Canarias and Ostra on the San Antonio Riverwalk; and the iconic Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas, Texas.  He set up the pastry department at the RK Group; helped open Texas Spice and Spoon Bar and Kitchen; and spent a summer eating his way through Mexico City.

Currently, Chef Baker is taking a break from the restaurant scene and sharing his pastry knowledge with the students of Le Cordon Bleu in Dallas, Texas.  He is also available for consulting, private events, and special orders in the Dallas Fort Worth area.  You can follow him on Twitter @Joe_theBaker or visit his site for more information

Joe and Dee Braman of Braman Winery

Joe and Dee Braman of Braman Winery

The Braman family’s roots run deep in South Texas, and Braman Winery is the next installation in a 300-year family legacy: ranching, real estate, oil production, and now winemaking. Owners Joe and Dee Braman established the winery in 2010 on their family ranch property. It’s a true family operation: the origins stretch back to Joe’s childhood, when his grandmother Mary encouraged his natural culinary talents and a love of wine and food pairings. Today the winery stands as a legacy for the couple’s daughters and a fresh addition to traditional Braman professions.

Several different tiers make up the wine portfolio. Labels Fringe Benefits, Sparkles, b10, and Braman Legacy have distinct personalities, focuses, and strengths. Fringe Benefits is a fun, flirty series full of unique wines geared towards relaxing with a casual attitude. The Sparkles line contains a sweet sparkling wine and a mimosa made with all-natural orange juice. b10‚ÄĒnamed after Braman and 2010‚ÄĒis perfect for the non-traditional wine drinker: the best fruit is chosen each year for spectacular wines.¬†Legacy wines reflect Joe‚Äôs professional palate and pair very well with his own cooking. Overall, Braman wines take the formality out of wine drinking and make it all about fun, family, and friends.

Article by Leanne Holley, Texas Wine and Trail Magazine

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