Texas Vineyard Supply  Texas Vineyard Supply is backed by a company that has been in business since 1979. We supply Texas grape growers with high quality trellis materials and supplies. Whether you are looking to get a new vineyard off to a great start or keep an established vineyard going strong, Texas Vineyard Supply has what you need to keep you growing in Texas. Call today 806.928.0717

Texas Custom Wine Works was established by highly skilled wine industry specialists with years of experience, driven by a simple and unifying goal: Create a custom winemaking facility which offers unparalleled service coupled with the highest standard of quality. 

Texas Custom Wine Works is a wine making facility where the client’s needs come first and is profoundly and fundamentally different from other custom crush winemaking facilities in Texas. At Texas Custom Wine Works, custom processing is not a sideline to our wine business, it IS our business. Our comprehensive winemaking services are only paralleled by the vast viticulture consulting and management options which we offer.

Fairhaven Vineyards PROFESSIONAL VINEYARD CONSULTANTS – Fairhaven offers the finest, complete vineyard design and construction! We can supply everything you need from detailed master planning, to all of the fully warranted vines, and custom trellising! Our lab facility provides fast and accurate water quality analysis, and complete soil analysis.

The Fairhaven installation crew arrives at your site with a full array of heavy equipment, specialized planting mixes, trucks, trailers and all of the tools needed to make your vineyard improvement a reality. Our State Licensed installation division also provides complete hydraulic design, pump systems, and drip system installation for any sized project. WE TRAVEL NATIONWIDE!

With a combined 87 years experience, and two Graduate Professional Horticulturist/Viticulturist, Fairhaven’s nationally renown staff, means that you will have a vineyard to be proud of!

Texas Plant and Soil Lab Established in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley in 1938, the Texas Plant & Soil Lab was dedicated first and foremost to the needs of the agricultural community — to the farmers and the growers. The success of the Texas Plant & Soil Lab testing method, the honesty in the advice and the success of the Ask The Plant system brought about renewed attention to the Daubney Extraction Method and established a leading reputation in the agricultural community for Texas Plant & Soil Lab.

Today, utilzing the internet and modern process methods, the Texas Plant & Soil Lab is bringing over 70 years of proprietary knowledge and expert testing capabilities to growers, enthusiast, nurseries, landscapers, farmers, acedemics, agri-corps, organics, and government institutions world wide.

Classic Wine Storage & Services  At Classic Wine Storage & Services, we know wine. More importantly, we know how wine should be stored and the services wine collectors appreciate to help manage their collection. Whether you’re storing five cases or five hundred, we know each bottle is just as important as the next. It’s something we take great pride in and the reason so many people trust us with their wine collections.

Our expertise in wine storage starts with a dedication to the details. Consistency in the temperature. Maintaining the right humidity. The absence of light and vibration. In other words, creating the perfect environment to allow your wine to mature properly. Providing personal, professional wine storage service is what we’re all about. Our layered security allows you the ability to access your collection when it is convenient for you, not us.

Producer Supply Company  Welcome to Producer Supply Co., a resource for vineyards, wineries, breweries, distilleries and farmers in the Southwest. We stock inventory in Central Texas and you’re welcome to visit us to pick up supplies, however we also deliver or ship using the most economical options. Located in the Texas Hill Country just outside of Austin, we stock products to serve the Southwest, making delivery easier, faster and less expensive than receiving these items generally manufactured on the West Coast and Europe. Please call us to get more information regarding application use and pricing.

The Vintner Vault The Vintner’s Vault was founded by Ryan Horn, a professional winemaker, with years if experience and several awards under his belt. Realizing  the needs of winemakers and wineries to have an outlet – not only for high quality wine making equipment and supplies, but to combine that with a staff who has first hand knowledge and expertise of using these products. At Vintner’s Vault we understand that that you must have support for the products you buy.

Our sales and support team is not afraid to travel, so regardless of your location we are always there to provide you with the assistance you need. With buying power around the world we are not limited to just the items you see online and in our catalog. When it comes to wine making there isn’t much that we can’t get for you. So don’t be afraid to contact us with whatever your needs may be.

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