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Conde Naste Traveler Names Texas the Most Underrated Wine Destination in the US

By on November 1, 2016 Texas Wine News
A look at the leaders of the Lone Star State’s new school of wine.

Jordan Mackay still remembers his first taste of Texas wine. God, it was awful—a grossly unsophisticated glass of double-oaked chardonnay that could have passed for butterscotch.

“This was before the ABC (Anything But Chardonnay) movement had really gotten in full swing, but my palate was already offended by oaky wines,” says the San Francisco-based food and drink writer. “It wasn’t just bad chardonnay; it was the hubris and self-satisfaction at what is now looked upon as a wine crime.”

How things have changed, to the point where the Austin native penned a lengthy Texas Monthly article in defense of the state’s new school last year. Among its many revelations: the rise of rosé—a fitting, effervescent foil to medium-rare burgers and rich slabs of barbecue—and Mediterranean grape varietals that are much better suited to a temperamental climate and nutrient-rich soil. Mackay was also bowled over by the boldness of young vineyards like William Chris Wines, Lewis Wines, and McPherson Cellars. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

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