Fall Creek Vineyards Winemaker Sergio Cuadra: Texas Terroir

( Tow, Texas) Continuing our series about Texas Terroir, I am now addressing what might be the most important factor of all, the soils.

First, consider the large size of Texas.  If Texas were superimposed over Europe, it would cover France entirely, which is the largest European country, excluding Russia.  This size suggests that we should expect a wide array of soil types due to this vast territory and hence, at least double digit the number of soil varieties that can apply here.

From the soil origin stand point we learn that the state was more than once a shallow ocean floor that accumulated sediments during several million years, and eventually got elevated by tectonic forces until it reached its current height.  Meanwhile, erosion and other surface elements soon started to sculpture the landscape on the top. The soil composition becomes evident wherever we see a cut on the side of a highway and are able to see the horizontal layers of varying light browns and beige colors.


Sergio Cuadra FCVDirector of Winemaking, Fall Creek Vineyards      

Sergio Cuadra has the reputation of making some of the finest wines in Chile, having worked as Chief Winemaker for many years at two highly successful Chilean companies; Concha Y Toro and Caliterra, sister company of Viña Errázuirz. He joined Anakena wines in 2010, where he worked with the consultancy of Paul Hobbs.

Cuadra’s career has taken him around the world to the most prestigious winegrowing regions, including France and Germany. After receiving a degree in agricultural engineering and enology from the University of Talca in Chile, he worked in virtually every aspect of the industry; from vinification, to vineyard management. to sales. He has also worked with world-renowned winemakers such as Paul Hobbs, Jacques Lurton and Australian wine consultant Kym Milne, MW.

Fall Creek Vineyard
1820 County Rd. 222
Tow, Texas 78672
Phone: (325) 379-5361

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