The Good, The Wonderful & The Ugly

By on July 28, 2014 Behind the Label

from Texas Winery Blog: Kiepersol Estates

Happiness is contagious. Walking into the tasting room the other day, I heard a young lady say,”This is the perfect pairing with wine.” And her friend asked, “What is the perfect pairing?” She said, “This sandbox at the Kiepersol tasting room for the kids to be happy in.” Kiepersol is a happy place. A place of kindness, service to ourselves and others, a place where strangers become friends and where the experience turns into Texas pride. Where you want to be happy and you leave with a happy ‘wow’. It’s contagious. You almost want to make a list of all the special blessings that we all can take for granted.

At Kiepersol, you don’t encounter that miserable, self-centered, egotistical person that displays the lack of respect he has for himself by the way he treats people around him. I am astonished that one human can treat another human with verbal lashings so deeply hurtful that it mutes us bystanders to just listen in shock, unable to respond or defend just common civility and kindness. I hear us Christians say our bodies are a temple. But I also know it is not what goes into that body, it is what comes out of it. I know that we are so blessed that we don’t encounter those kind of people but maybe once in a lifetime. It makes me appreciate who we are and what we do and who we surround ourselves with so much more. I love people. I love wine lovers. I love vineyard people. I love people that enjoy the finer things in life and share it with their finer friends and family. That makes our world so special and that’s who we want to be around.

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