Jeff Cope at 2013 Newsom Grape Day

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Friday, April 26, was the annual Newsom Grape Day held at Neal Newsom’s barnery or barn for those who didn’t read my post on visiting Newsom Vineyards. Reading the post also is a good introduction to one of the best High Plains grape growers.

2013 Newsom - Barnery

The seminars for this year’s event were:

  • Mechanized Balanced Cropping: A Strategy to Reduce Crop Loss from Adverse Weather Conditions by Dr. Keith Striegler from Flint Ridge Winegrowing Services
  • Clarification of Unfermented White Juice Using Flotation by Greg Bruni from Llano Estacado Winery
  • Tempranillo on the High Plains by Neal Newsom
  • Alternative Grape Varieties by Dr. Ed Hellman from Texas A&M AgriLife and Texas Tech University
  • A Viticulturist’s Perspective on Grapevine Virus Problems and Solutions by Dr. Keith Striegler from Flint Ridge Winegrowing Services

Upon registering at the barnery I met Neal Newsom along with his wife Janice and son Nolan. People consistently arrived and Neal said he expected 200 people. At the end of the day it turned out to be 220 people. Everybody who arrived enjoyed meeting old friends with the networking which also is very important at events like this. In fact people had so much fun meeting and talking with others that the day’s seminars started about 30 minutes late.

I enjoyed meeting people who I had seen before either at their wineries or at previous Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association (TWGGA) events. I also had the chance to meet some new people who I knew by name but never had the chance to meet. We were asked to bring a bottle of Texas wine for quality control and also to get us into the VIP section (wherever that was). The tables which were set up to hold the wines were getting full with wine bottles and there was a wide variety of wineries and wines represented.

2013 Newsom - Neal Newsom

Neal Newsom – 2013 Newsom Grape Day

Neal welcomed everybody and soon Dr. Keith Striegler began his presentation on Mechanized Balanced Cropping. In summary, balanced cropping by machine resulted in more consistent and predictable yields, improved fruit quality, reduced employee turnover rate, and improved employee working conditions.

By Jeff Cope, Texas Wine Lover FULL ARTICLE HERE!

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