Supporting the Farmers: Texas Wine Pledge Is Gaining Support

By on August 4, 2013 Industry News , Texas Wine News

Article by Leanne Holley, Editor

“For Sale in Texas Only.”  Know what that means?  Most people who pick up a wine bottle at the store and read that little sentence logically think it means what it implies; that this particular wine is only for Texans.  But oh how wrong you are!  In fact, if you’re wanting to buy a wine that was made with Texas grapes, you better choose a different bottle because that is not one.

In his blog posts, Texas wine writer Russ Kane @VintageTexas on Twitter, not only explains the label confusion that has been the thorn on the Texas vine for years, but offers a solution.  This is the kind of solution one would expect to come from Texans, “The Texas Winemakers & Winery Owners Pledge.” The pledge is strong, puts the customer first, and allows the wine industry to better regulate itself at a time when the Texas Government is trying to step in and do it for them.

Read the full article here, with update here and offer your support of Texas grape growers and winery owners committed to using Texas fruit: Like, Tweet, and friend to friend.

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