REVIEW: Four Corners Brewing, “Local Buzz” Honey-Rye Golden Ale

By on September 17, 2015 Texas Wine News

A wonderful deep golden color, a light bodied brew with little head formation and retention when poured into a glass. With an ABV level of 5.4% and an IBU rate of 20 it presents drinkability with a smooth, crisp finish. The smell of fresh baked rye bread and honey with a touch of lemon emit from the glass. Hints of floral hops, grass, banana and clove all show up as well with an overall aroma reminiscent to that of honey nut cheerios.


The baked rye bread flavor is instant with the first sip along with a slight honey sweetness and lemongrass zest. Herbal hop bitterness and a sesame seed character are present with a bit of a spicy finish that simmers on the palates. A dry, smooth and crisp finish round out the overall feel providing a refreshing and cleansing sensation that is great on warm days.

Texas-Four-Corners-Brewing-Local-Buzz-ReviewFour Corners Brewing Company is located in Dallas, Texas with free brewery tours and tastings every Saturday with reservations. The Local Buzz is brewed with local honey and rye malts and can be found at a store near you. A great food pairing option would be a some grilled lemon peppered chicken with steamed vegetables and a caramelized dessert of your choice.


423 Singleton BLVD.
Dallas, TX 75212
Phone: 214.748.2739


Article by Michael Thacker, Texas Craft Beer & Spirits Writer, Texas Wine and Trail Magazine

Michael Thacker is an author and craft beer enthusiast out of Fort Worth and a retired professional motocross and supercross racer. He lives out in the country with his wife Selina, daughter Bell, seven wild pups and two llamas. He also writes for Beer Masters Magazine and daily Christian living devotionals for his website. When he isn’t writing he is either out fishing or watching classic movies while sipping on a craft brew.

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