TEXAS OPINION POLL: Do Texas wine drinkers want to know if their wine is made from Texas grapes?

By on August 14, 2013 Texas Wine News

Over the years many have brought the “For Sale In Texas Only” label confusion to light in the media. Wine writers, in an attempt to better educate Texas wine consumers have written extensively on this subject in vain, as there has been little progress or change in label practice inside the industry.  Instead of repeating what others have so well, I will point you to these articles by Rob Moshein, and Dr. Russell KaneAndrew Chalk even offers a solution in his current article on the FSiTO subject.

If you do not have the time to read any of the above, here is the label issue in basic terms:

  •  “For Sale In Texas Only,” although confusing, is used on the back of the label when there is less than 75% Texas grown grapes in the bottle of wine;
  • The percentage of grapes (for example: 60% Texas 40% California) cannot be listed on the label if the grapes are not from contiguous states;
  • “For Sale In Texas Only” is NOT a mandatory label statement, it is the choice of the winery;
  • Instead of using FSiTO on the back, the winery can choose to use “American” or “American Appellation” on the front label.
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