Stories of wine travel and tastings from across the Lone Star State from the best Wine Writers and Bloggers in Texas. Follow the links below for reviews, pictures, and tall tales guaranteed to entertain and educate.

 Andrew J. Chalk

Andrew Chalk is a Dallas based author who writes about wine, spirits, beer, food, restaurants, wineries and destinations all over the world.  He has written for D Magazine, and is currently Editor at CraveDFW and Senior Writer at Texas Wine and Trail Magazine. When not writing he can usually be found participating in his favorite sport of soccer.

Daniel Kelada

Daniel is a Executive Sommelier, Master Candidate and Senior Wine Instructor with the International Wine Guild and through the Guild teaches accredited wine certifications and seminars in Texas and around the country. He has a background in BioChemistry from the University of Texas at Austin and in 2008, he founded GUSTO Tastings, a wine education company with expertise in consulting and event curation. He is a founding partner in Vinovium Partners, a Texas négociant that specializes in premium wines on tap from Texas and abroad. Daniel is also the Tasting Director for the Texas Wine Journal, a subsidiary of the Texas Wine and Food Consortium. Daniel is the author of the weekly Texas Wine Review for Texas Wine and Trail Magazine.

Matt Champion: God Bless Texas Wine

Matt got his start at Duchman Family Winery and has been fascinated with Texas wine ever since. He’s lived in Austin for eight years and writes for various publications throughout the city. Though he’s moved on to other areas, the Texas wine industry is something he’ll always support and be passionate about. Matt authors a monthly feature series for Texas Wine and Trail Magazine titled Journal of a Texas Winemaker. Check out his website ( or follow him on Twitter: @mattbchampion

Guy Stout : The Blend Blog

Guy is one of only 160 Master Sommelier (MS) in the world. He is also a Certified Wine Educator (CWE), Certified Spirits Specialist (CSS) and on the Executive Board of Directors of the Society of Wine Educators. He is a member of the Texas Sommelier Association. Guy has been recognized as a Houston Icon for his contribution to the Wine and Food Industry of Texas and Honorary Alumnus ¬†of University of Houston Hilton School.¬†He is the Corporate Director of Beverage Education for The Glazer‚Äôs Family of Companies, covering 12 states.¬†Guy has been the guest featured ‚Äúwine expert‚ÄĚ on the PBS cooking series Cucina Amore with Damian Mandola and Johnny Carrabba, founders of the Carrabba‚Äôs Restaurant Chain. He has appeared on a number of radio and television talk shows covering wine and food. He was a featured speaker at the Smithsonian Institute Folk Life Festival in Washington D.C. lecturing on the Texas wine industry‚Äôs current boom and the historical development of Texas wine. MUCH MORE….


David King you can follow on Twitter @kingdr13 This blog is dedicated to spreading the word about wine. It’s that simple. I teach Winery U classes at Dry Comal Creek, as well as the occasional seminar elsewhere. The latest step is this blog. I’m going to be posting regularly on the quote of the day page and the wine terms glossary. I’ll also have wine-related news, sometimes-unexpected tips and tricks, and lots of ways for enjoying wine on a budget.

Rae Wilson: Wine for the People

Rachel ‚ÄėRae‚Äô Wilson has 19 years in the food/wine industry including 5 years spent learning the microbrew business at Schlafly Brewery in her hometown of Saint Louis, Missouri. ¬†Later, working in more wine-focused environs, she was inspired to continue a wine education that took her to learn winemaking in Napa Valley, Europe and the Texas Hill Country. ¬†She now bases herself in Austin, Texas and continues to consult for local and international business.¬†She holds an advanced certification (Level III) from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) and is a certified sommelier with the Court of Master‚Äôs.
She’s made wine in:
California¬†(2008-2009) ‚Äď Artesa Winery in Carneros, Napa Valley, custom-crush for Mumm Napa and Montes Winery
Portugal¬†(2009) ‚Äď Espor√£o in Alentejo and Quinto dos Mur√ßas in Douro Valley
Texas Hill Country¬†(2011) ‚Äď William Chris Vineyards in Hye, Texas


Before becoming a Stay at Home Mom, Alissa Leenher spent many years in an Elementary classroom. She combined her passions for wine and education to begin SAHMmelier, a blog about wine, food, and life as a SAHM. Originally from Upstate New York, Alissa resides in Austin, Texas where she currently writes for various publications. Although she does not have formal Sommelier training, she enjoys learning about the industry while attempting to juggle all that her husband, daughter, and son throw at her. It is no wonder why she enjoys a glass, or two, of wine. Follow @SAHMmelier on Twitter

Texas Wine Camp

Gary & Cindy Jones @Texas_Wine_Camp¬†We decided that with full time jobs, part time jobs, two teenage girls, community and church volunteerism and much more, we have just enough time left in our busy lives to have some fun. We invite you to join us as we¬†‚Äúuncork our adventurous life.‚ÄĚ

The Grapes Around Texas

Dave Potter @texasgrapes  All about Texas Wine, Texas Wineries, and Texas Vineyards.  Drink Texas Wine! My New Year goals for 2013 are to explore more Texas wine and to write about our experiences and wine finds. Texas grows each year with more wine and varietals along with some outstanding blends giving us a wide range of styles and tastes to sample. We have found this year with our wine friends that the more places you go, and the more you drink Texas wines, the more your tastes can change.

Texas and Wine

Stephanie Fox Wetherill ¬†¬†I am following my passion to promote and expand the Texas wine industry. I have increased my knowledge and gained considerable appreciation for wine in Texas and throughout the world through intense self study and by completing courses from institutes such as the International Sommelier Guild and the Society of Wine Educators. I am a member of the Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association and Women for WineSense. I am also a member of the Society of Wine Educators where I have achieved the designation of Certified Specialist of Wine. I have conducted educational sessions and tastings including pairings of Texas food with Texas wines. My passion has lead me to write the book¬†Cheers Y’all¬†and to develop this website. I’ve served as judge in prestigious wine competitions such as the Lone Star International Wine Competition. I have visited numerous wineries throughout the state and the world. I have also been involved in a few humble attempts at grape growing and winemaking. Look for book signing dates and locations on the book ordering information page of this website, and in the monthly events section.

Dallas Wine Chick

Melanie Ofenloch @melanieO¬†“I don‚Äôt consider myself a wine expert ‚Äď just an everyday person with a love for the grape…” ¬†My name is Melanie Ofenloch and I have a philosophy ‚Äď no wine snobs allowed.¬† While my profession is marketing communications, my passion is drinking wine.¬†It took me a long time to realize an everyday person (especially me) could write a wine blog. Wine is a product that should be discovered, shared and enjoyed.¬† And, if we‚Äôve ever shared a glass of wine, you‚Äôll agree that what I am lacking in formal knowledge, I am not lacking in passion.

Texas Wine Gal

Denise Clarke ¬†A look at wines — including many Texas wines — as well as restaurants that serve regional wines. Will also focus on healthy living — from working out to finding good-for-you foods. ¬†Follow @DeniseClarkeTX for great daily updates.

Texas Wine Geek

James C. Baker @TXWineGeek

Texas Wine Lover

Jeff Cope and his fiancée have traveled and visited Texas wineries since January 2010. Since that time he has visited over 160 Texas wineries and has blogged about their winery visits at Texas Wine Lover and his Facebook page. In order to get personal experience with the Texas wine industry, Jeff has volunteered at wine festivals and helped wineries bottle wine and harvest grapes. Jeff is always learning about the intricacies of wine by taking wine classes in addition to attending seminars and conferences. Follow this @txwinelover on Twitter too!

Texas Wine and Grape Growers Assosiation

The mission of the Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association, Inc. is to promote the production and appreciation of premium grapes and fine wines from Texas, and to represent a unified state industry with common marketing, governmental and educational goals.  A comprehensive site with information regarding all aspects of the Texas Grape Industry across the State.

The Bubbly Professor

Jane Nickles aka @Miss_Jane_TX  The Bubbly Professor…a blog about the life of a wine educator. Wine tastings, wine classes, and wine dinners are part of being a full-time wine educator, but it’s a package deal that includes grading finals, reading papers, and schlepping boxes as well.   It’s a glamorous job, for sure, if you only count the 5% of the day that includes the flashy fun. I have taught wine classes full time for over 20 years, and in my former life served stints as executive chef, sommelier, and food and beverage director. An fun and excellent resource for anyone wanting to learn about wines.

The Wine Roads of Texas

This blog is in correspondence with the long-awaited third edition of The Wine Roads of Texas: An Essential Guide to Texas Wine and Wineries.  As before, the book will feature every winery in Texas, give information on its background, owners and wines, as well as provide helpful travel advice for each region.  The blog will run parallel stories to the book, featuring special interest pieces about vineyards, wineries and the people who make this industry great.

Author, Wes Marshall, writes for¬†the¬†Austin Chronicle, The Dallas Morning News, Wine & Spirits, Imbibe and others. ¬†He is also author of¬†What’s a Wine Lover to Do?¬†and was Executive Producer of the TV series,¬†The Wine Roads of Texas¬†(PBS). ¬†For this edition, he is taking Margaret Shugart into his tutelage. ¬†As a nutritional anthropologist,¬†Austin Chronicle¬†writer, certified sommelier and devoted Texas wine drinker, she performed much of the travel legwork and writes most blog posts. ¬†Together they hope to release the book by October 2013.¬†In the meantime, click ‘follow’, participate and enjoy a journey through one of Texas’ most interesting industries.¬†Like us on¬†Facebook, follow us on Twitter: @TheWineRdsofTex

Vintage Texas

Russ Kane aka  The Texas Wineslinger  In my blog, I highlight my rants and raves, and share my experiences as I taste and talk my way around Texas. I also highlight my experiences in other wine regions in the USA and around the world that help put the Texas wine experience in context with the global wine experience. The dry sandy soils of Spain, the high arid plains of the Argentine Mendoza, and the limestone ledges of southern France all have elements common to Texas terroir.  Hopefully, my experiences will be interesting and useful to Texas wine producers and consumers, and visitors that want to come to Texas to encounter our local wines. In the final analysis, I hope to better define the mysterious terroir of Texas.  Follow @Wineslinger and stay current with the Texas wine scene.

Vinously Speaking

Veronique Cecilia Barretto Howdy! Welcome to Vinously Speaking! A wine blog that is about the down-to-earth, fun side of wine and wine-gulping! This wine blog was created with 4 aims in mind: to make its readers laugh/smile at least once with every post, to be quick and easy to read (cause Lord knows you ain’t got a lot of free time), to teach/show you one thing about wine with each post (without being wine-snobby about it) and last but not least, to help you better know…ME, the crazy Texan gal who is gulping all that wine and making a complete dork out of herself to bring you the funny side of enjoying wine!

Vitis Poema

Robin EnglishBircher After obtaining my MFA in Creative Writing from Texas State University, I found little time to write. To pay off my student loans, I found myself teaching college writing classes year round, full-time at the University of Texas at San Antonio and part-time at St. Philip‚Äôs College. I needed help ‚Äď something to write about, to learn about, and to inspire me. After a few trips along the 290 Wine Trail, I found myself captivated. The wines I found provided a new subject to immerse myself in; one I am just cracking the surface of. In 2011, following up with a News Year‚Äôs Resolution to write more, I started my blog¬†Vitis Poema. The blog gives me a place to record what I find: new places, interesting and engaging people, new food, new passions, and of course, new wine. Best of all, my experiences have inspired my poetry, and my blog is a place to give it life. It all comes together with every new glass of wine and each crest of a hill on the roadways of Texas.

¬†Jack Keller’s Wine Blog

Winemaking is his passion and for years he has been making wine from just about anything both fermentable and nontoxic.¬†Jack has developed scores of recipes and tends to gravitate to the exotic or unusual, having once won first place with jalapeno wine, second place with sandburr wine, and third with Bermuda grass clippings wine. ¬†Jack has six times been elected the President of the¬†San Antonio Regional Wine Guild, is a certified home wine judge, frequent contributor to¬†WineMaker Magazine, creator and author of¬†The Winemaking Home Page¬†and of¬†Jack Keller’s WineBlog, the first wine blog on the internet, ever. He grows a few grapes, now works at being retired, and is slowly writing a book on — what else? — winemaking. ¬†Follow @jackkellerwine¬†on Twitter

What Are You Drinking?

Dedicated to exploring the everyday adventures that are enhanced with a drink. In addition to interviews with beverage industry luminaries, it has wine, beer, liquor and cocktail reviews all set in an atmosphere where you’ll typically enjoy these drinks. And it also reviews bars and restaurants for those times when you don’t feel like drinking at home.  I’m an avid beverage enthusiast with a passion for wine. I know my way around the wine industry having passed the Level I exam in the Court of Master Sommeliers and previously worked at a winery in Oregon and in wine sales. I even got married at a winery.  I am also a regular contributing Food & Drink writer for Austin CultureMap and for Austin Man magazine. The whimsical booze reviews on the pages of What are you Drinking? were recognized with a 2011 Texas Social Media Award from the Austin American-Statesman.

Wine Of The Moment

Wine Of The Moment is just that. A moment of trying out a new bottle of wine and sharing our thoughts and impressions. There is no planned wine bottle that is to be opened or set time that it will be tasted. It is what ever just happens to be opened…for the moment. On occasion, we may also post our feedback on new wineries that we have visited as well as unique cheeses. So, pull up your own plate of cheese, crackers, and fruit and enjoy these discussions.

Wine Thoughts

Sandra Crittenden ¬†What I’m thinking about what I’m drinking… The World of Wine from a Houston Wine Blogger’s Perspective. ¬†Wine Blogger, Wine Educator, and Perpetual Wine Student. ¬†Wine Writer for Galveston Monthly Magazine. ¬†She has been certified through the International Sommelier Guild. ¬†She has earned the Advanced Certification with Merit through the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET). She is a French Wine Scholar (FWS) and is accredited by the CIVC and the IDVP to lead wine education seminars, tastings, and dinners for Champagne and Port. ¬†Follow @SanCrittenden on Twitter and get educated!

Wining and Dining with Jim White

Jim White is a major-market media veteran, selected for induction into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame (2010), who has blended his passion for broadcasting and special events with his love of food and wine.

Jim White Media develops media strategies, multi-media content, and produces the critically acclaimed ‚ÄúSavor Dallas‚ÄĒCelebrating Wine, Food, Spirits and the Arts‚ÄĚ.¬† The annual event is the largest premium wine and food festival in Texas, and showcases a world of wines, top chefs, and the beautiful Dallas Arts District. ¬†During its 9 year run on CBS Radio in Dallas ‚ÄúThe KRLD Restaurant Show with Jim White‚ÄĚ was nominated for a prestigious James Beard Foundation Award, ‚ÄúThe Viking Range Best Radio Show on Food‚ÄĚ (the Oscars of the food world). ¬†‚ÄúKRLD Restaurant Week‚ÄĚ, co-developed by Jim, generates in excess of $650,000 annually for the North Texas Food Bank.¬†As a columnist for The Dallas Business Journal, the Dallas Press Club honored him with a Katie Award for ‚ÄúBest Major Market Column‚ÄĚ in the Southwest.¬† He has been recognized for ‚ÄúExcellence in Journalism‚ÄĚ with the Greater Dallas Restaurant Association ‚ÄúTastemaker Award.


Ron Saikowski has been a wine columnist for three years, writing weekly wine columns in The Courier (WINE WALK) and for Houston Community Newspapers (HOUSTON WINE WALK). He also writes for two monthly local magazines being People Scene Magazine (TEXAS WINE WALK) and Lake Splash Magazine (LAKE WINE WALK). Ron’s wine interests peaked after selling his consulting engineer firm in 2003. Ron has made numerous week-long trips to California visiting various wine regions for the purpose of enhancing his wine knowledge.  Follow Wine Walk Online on facebook 

1337 Wine

Mark V. Fusco, CSW ¬†@1337wine¬†¬†The home of 1337 Wine TV where I invite you to join me in a journey of expanding and improving the palette¬†palate and nose. Wines reviewed are typically $10 or less. In addition to reviews there will be ‚Äúin the field‚ÄĚ reviews at restaurants where I will look for wines by the glass that are $10 or less and see how they pair with dinner. Other plans are to visit wineries in the Central and South Central areas of Texas. ¬†In addition to 1337 Wine TV, there is the Library. An ever expanding source of study material for those looking to delve much deeper into wine, spirits, beer, cigars, and service ‚Äď everything the aspiring Sommelier needs.

Zin Valle

Vic Poulos, Owner of Zin Valle Vineyards

Vine Sleuth Uncorked

VineSleuth Uncorked is the wine blog for casual wine drinkers who are looking to have fun, learn more and enjoy delicious wine. I’m Amy, your guide to the journey, or your VineSleuth, if you will. I’m a mom who likes to explore new things, ask questions, get my hands dirty and share my stories. I’m not afraid to admit what I don’t know and, that being said, I have a lot of learning ahead of me!

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