Texas wines aren’t always made from Texas grapes

By on August 22, 2013 Links You May Like

By Ron Saikowski / Wine Walk The Courier of Montgomery County

“Many people do not know that a large majority of Texas wines are made from grapes grown outside of Texas.”


Why should Texas wineries be interested where grapes are sourced since many Texas wine consumers are not interested in where the grapes are sourced for Texas wines? You as Texas wine consumers should be interested in knowing where the grapes are sourced for Texas wines just as wine consumers are interested in knowing where the California wineries source their grapes.

Would you spend $50 for a premium bottle of Napa Cabernet Sauvignon when the grapes come out of Modesto, Calif.? Probably not!

Why would you pay $20 for a bottle of Texas wine which was made out of grapes from an outlying area of California with no quality? Yes, we have Texas wineries, but wine consumers should be more discerning as to where the grapes are sourced.

Please encourage Texas wineries to use Texas grapes and to enter into contracts with Texas vineyards in quality locations to grow Texas grapes for Texas wines. We know for a fact that Texas vineyards and wineries produce some of the best Viognier and Blanc du Bois in the world. Blind wine tastings have proven this time and time again. It is up to wine consumers to prod and poke Texas wineries into using quality Texas grapes. Please let me know your opinions!

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