The Wine Profilers Tasting Focus: Red Caboose Winery

By on August 22, 2013 Texas Wine News

by Melba Allen, The Wine Profilers, for Texas Wine and Trail Magazine

While in Texas, I got to visit a few Texas wineries and taste some of the wines. Some of the wines were produced with 100% Texas grown grapes, while others were either partially or not grown in Texas. Then there where some wines that were good, while others were still needing some improvements.  So as an outsider looking in, this is the first of a series of discoveries that I have made.

Gary and Evan McKibben

Gary and Evan McKibben

I met Evan of Red Caboose for the first time at a Flat Creek Estate Winery in Marble Falls. Evan is the new  VESTA  Coordinator in Texas who was speaking to a group of people attending the 2013 High Impact Technology Exchange Conferences in Austin, Texas. From our conversation, he invited me to taste his wines at Red Caboose Winery that he and his father manages. So here is what I tasted:

First is a 2013 Viognier. It is a clear yellow colored wine with light hues of green, a simple expressive aromatic  intensity of fresh grapefruit and mint.  In the mouth, the wine is medium weight, off-dry with good acidity and balance on the alcohol. There is a slight bitterness in the aftertaste, but nothing that a chicken salad can not handle easily.

Second, is the 2010 Syrah- Malbec which was aged in a two- year old oak barrel. this wine had a dark red color which was losing it violet highlights. Very fruity nose of jammy  red fruits like cranberries, raspberries and violet flowers. Light fresh fruity aromas, leaving the impression that the wine is still quite young. Almost to the point that I felt as if I was eating the fruit instead of drinking wine.

Next is the 2010 Lenoir-Tempranillo. A nice dark colored red wine with fruity black cherries, strawberries, earthy and leathery aromatic notes. Powerful palate with good to warm feeling alcohol level and a slight taste of peppermint in the aftertaste. This is a full bodied wine that can stand up to any meat, domestic or wild.

Tasting from the barrels, this 2012 Tempranillo was dark red with violet hues, quite bright.  Raspberries,  chocolate,  dark cherries and mint aromas lifted themselves from the glass with a little touch of white tobacco. Really well balance mouth feel. Good fruitiness and enjoyable aftertaste. 100 % American oak. This wine is really smooth, intense and very elegant. I would love to have this with duck or maybe a dark chocolate cake!

Finally tasted from the barrels, a with dark purple red Syrah that catches and hold light.   Expressive aromas of fresh raspberries, and a little bit of blackberries. In the mouth, a medium bodied wine with nice solid tannins, good freshness on the acidity. À bit too solid for the moment. Could be better as a blend with another grape.

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