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To pay homage to all things loved on Valentine’s Day, Texas Wine and Trail Magazine has put together 5 Big Sexy Pairings for our couples who like to get it on in the kitchen…errr cook together…or just enjoy really great food and wine.

There are a variety of wonderful Valentine events being held in wineries across the state, from Tango and tapas to chocolate fountains and barrel tastings, but if you have decided to spend the evening indoors sharing a great dinner with someone special, this is for you.  Pairing food with wine is a lot like a relationship, individually they can be enjoyed for their unique charm and personality but when paired well, the partnership can become powerful and an experience remembered with great affection.


Grilled Salmon with Pomegranates

Grilled Salmon with Pomegranates

BIG SEXY PAIRING 1:  Grilled Salmon with Ripe Pomegranate

Pairing wine with salmon can be difficult, as the strong flavors of the salmon should be respectfully complimented not overwhelmed. The pomegranate offers tiny flavor explosions on the tongue, while the wine’s floral notes come through to blend the palate.

Texas Wine Pairing:  Brennan Vineyards Lily, 2011


Crab Ravioli with Saffron Creme

Crab Ravioli with Saffron Creme

BIG SEXY PAIRING 2: Crab Ravioli with Saffron Crème Sauce

Saffron is an aphrodisiac and is the key to this pairing while also a notorious consort of Viognier. The crab settles nicely into this rich and creamy Italian entre lending to the desired texture that fulfills the balance of every savory bite.

Texas Wine Pairing:  Lost Oak Winery Viognier, 2010




BIG SEXY PAIRING 3: Bone-in Ribeye with Red and Yellow Peppers

Of course you can’t forget the sexy marbling of premium bone-in ribeye when choosing the top 5 BIG SEXY PAIRINGS! To set off this hunk of meat you’ll want to pair it with a quality Cabernet Sauvignon and charred red and yellow peppers. Pay no mind to the bbq glaze in the image above, it’s from San Francisco and yall know in Texas we don’t disrespect our steaks that like!

Texas Wine Pairing:  Messina Hof, Paulo Cabernet Sauvignon



Strawberry Souffle

Chilled Strawberry Souffle

BIG SEXY PAIRING 4: Chilled Strawberry Souffle

An Angelic dessert like the pink strawberry soufflé becomes a transcendent experience when paired with the effervescence of a great sparkling wine. The soufflé, with its sweet and delicate tanginess stands proud in the dish, knowing with every superb pairing it grows wings.

Texas Wine Pairing:  Flat Creek Estate Sparkling Almond



Dark Chocolate Torte

Dark Chocolate Ganache Torte

BIG SEXY PAIRING 5:  Dark Chocolate Ganache Torte

Ok you can stop holding your breath.  Of course dark chocolate is on the list! Yes, dark chocolate is hard to pair, but this is BIG SEXY PAIRINGS, and there is nothing sexier for Valentine’s Day than the rich velvety spice of dark gourmet cocoa. The ganache torte is a soft decadent dessert paired with the coffee, berries, and caramel notes of the Port for a lingering flavor to cap your exquisite dinner.

Texas Wine Pairing: Torre di Pietra Tango Port


We hope you enjoy this year’s BIG SEXY PAIRINGS and bookmark them to use for any special night in your future.

Recipe & image links:

Grilled Salmon & Pomegranate

Crab Ravioli with Saffron Creme

Bone-in Ribeye Steak

Strawberry Souffle

Dark Chocolate Ganache Torte

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