Wineries Get Sharp Warning: “If you focus on Baby Boomers exclusively – you are dead”

By on February 16, 2015 Industry News , Texas Wine News

Baby Boomers Wine BuyersAmerican wine blogger Joe Roberts said producers needed to tell a story. Link HERE

Tell Your Story – Make it Honest, Funny, or Sincere

“The millennium generation is averse to marketing. From the moment they were born, all they’ve had are messages thrown at them. And most wine brands don’t get it. Here is a chance to leapfrog over them by winning a younger generation’s heart. You need to be connecting with them online.” Link HERE

Learn to Connect

“If you want to start incorporating younger wine consumers into your marketing plan (and you’d better if you’re paying attention to the market), then you need to sell your story before you can sell your wine.

There are many ways to do this, but the cheapest way – and one of the best ways for winning the hearts and minds of younger U.S. wine consumers – is online.” – Joe Roberts, Certified Specialist of Wine

Millennials are the Future of Mobile Marketing – Keep Up With Technology

“If you don’t get millennials, you’ll be lost.”

“Millennials are also digital natives – the first generation to grow up with technologies like the Internet, social media and mobile phones,” he said. Mobile marketers should pay attention to Millennials because they’re the tastemakers and trendsetters for the category.

We’ve all seen how mobile is an indispensable part of their lives and millennials live and breathe with their mobile devices, carrying them around wherever they go and even sleeping next to them.” Link HERE

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