Your Winery Checklist: Social Media, Mobile, Online, and More

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There were 245,203,319 Internet users in the US (representing 78.1% of the population) at mid-year 2012, according to Internet World Stats, December 2012*.  The amount of time spent online rose about 20% to more than 30 hours weekly. Affluent Millennials, defined here as those aged 18 to 29, spend more than 40 hours a week online, essentially a full-time job. (Ipsos Media, October 2011).  $1.35 billion in wine was shipped in 2012*. More at link


What is a brand without a story?  It’s just another brand that will get lost in the crowd.  Think about your brand as it relates to the five senses. More at link


Identifying where your customers are spending their time online is essential when staying connected.  Understanding who your biggest online fans are will help your brand managers stay current with online conversations.  At a bare minimum, connecting through Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest will keep your brand in front of your online buyers.  Setting up a daily online monitoring task will instantly improve your online visibility and keep you informed of both positive and possibly negative conversations.   Writing a blog post on a regular basis will keep your customers informed and interested. More at link


Check out the FACTS about mobile shopping in the U.S.!   Mobile commerce sales hit $24.66 billion in 2012, up 81% from $13.63 billion in 2011, research firm eMarketer says. EMarketer counts sales made on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices such as Apple Inc.’s iPod Touch. It excludes travel and ticket sales.  U.S. m-commerce sales will rise 55.7% to $38.40 billion in 2013, 35.8% to $52.17 billion in 2014, 30.9% to $68.29 billion in 2015, and 27.2% to $86.86 billion in 2016, eMarketer forecasts.  Retail sales on smartphones and tablets accounted for 7% of U.S. e-commerce sales in 2011 and 11% in 2012, eMarketer finds. They will represent 15% of e-commerce sales in 2013, 18% in 2014, 21% in 2015 and 24% in 2016, the research firm predicts.  More at link

Is your brand an EVENT DESTINATION?

Are you working with local tourism agencies to become a destination visitors must visit the next time they are in your community? How are wine lovers discovering your brand? Do you know where your customers live?  Are you running monthly reports to identify growing markets by state and inviting those shoppers to become club members?  Are you creating exciting and original events that appeal to your customers? Are you providing lodging and dining recommendations on your website and in person? More at link

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